Fleas & Frontline Plus
Treatment Guidelines:

Applying Frontline Plus once a
month will prevent a flea
Life Cycle of The Flea

Frontline Plus kills all stages of the
flea except the Pupa stage.  No
other flea product can do this.
Fleas--What Are They & What You Can Do About Them

Fleas are small, brown, wingless insects about the size of a common pinhead.  Adult
fleas take blood from various kinds of mammals and birds but spend considerable
time off the host.  Their bodies are compact with flattened sides, permitting them to
move rapidly among the hairs of the animal on which they are parasites.  Their legs
are well developed for rapid locomotion.  Fleas are capable of jumping considerable
distances;  up to thirteen inches horizontally.  Because they are minute and their
bodies are hard, it is almost impossible to kill fleas by crushing them between the


The flea lays its eggs while roving about on the animal.  The small white egg is not
sticky and drops from the host animal into the bedding material, into cracks and
crevices, next to the ridges of upholstered furniture, or onto other areas frequented by
the animal.  Hatching takes place within a week.  The tiny worm-like larvae feed on
animal hair, skin scales, and bits of dried blood in the area where the host animal
normally sleeps.  This can be in bed box in the home, in a dog house, or under the
front porch.  Larvae may also develop wherever eggs have been dropped and a small
amount of animal matter is present for food.  After about a week, a larva completes
development and spins a cocoon in this same location or nearby.  The flea pupates
inside the cocoon and emerges as the environmental temperature warms.  This
pupation period explains why outbreaks occur after an animal has died or been
removed.  Adult fleas can survive for several months without a blood meal from an
animal or human.


Locate areas where adult fleas are active.  The presence of adult fleas can be detected
by walking through suspected areas while wearing white socks.  The dark-colored
fleas will show up nicely against the white background as they jump from the floor to
the host.  Thorough vacuuming of infested areas is important for successful flea
control.  Pay special attention to areas where lint and pet hairs accumulate, such as
along baseboards, around the edges of carpets, around heat registers, and under and
within furniture.  Destroy or discard the vacuum bag contents.  Follow this thorough
cleanup with the application of
Frontline Plus.  An infested pet should be treated as
part of a complete flea control program.
If your pet has ever had a flea problem, you know how hard it is to get rid of them.  So
instead of waiting until there is a problem, get Frontline Plus and prevent fleas before
they start.
Frontline Plus is a once a month flea and tick prevention that is applied directly to your
pet’s skin.  Within 24 hours, it spreads over the pet’s entire body.  It is then slowly and
continuously released from the hair follicles onto the fur, where fleas and ticks make
contact with it.   Frontline Plus is waterproof and lasts 2 months for flea prevention.  It
kills all stages of the flea life cycle except the pupa stage.   So, stop in today and pick up
some Frontline Plus, the flea prevention that really works.
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