Our Clinic carries a full line of products, from
maintenance and prescription foods, to nail clippers and
leashes.  Give us a call today for specials and pricing!

We carry a range of foods for your cat or dog to
cover just about every need.  What you feed your
pet is just as important as vaccinations and annual
visits to your veterinarian.  
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information about nutrition and your furry friend.
We carry the following pet food brands:

  • Purina Pro Plan Maintenance Diets
  • Purina Prescription Diets
  • Royal Canin Prescription Diets
  • Hills Science Diet Prescription Diets

We also carry treats for your companion, including:

  • Purina Pro Plan Biscuits
  • Purina Lite Biscuits
  • Lean Treats
  • Fiber Formula Cat Treats
Grooming Supplies:

Keeping your pet clean and smelling good is very important.  We
carry a full line of top quality shampoos for your pet.

These shampoos come in various formulas for each pet's
individual skin and coat care needs.  

We also carry heavy duty nail clippers.  Keeping your pet's nails
trimmed will help prevent nail injuries and keep your pet
Training Supplies:

We carry several types of leashes to make training your companion
easier.  These items include:

  • Gentle Leader collar and leash
  • Easy Walk harness
  • Tuff Lock collars and leashes
  • JorVet Muzzles
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Animal Clinic, PA
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