Puppy Plans
Puppy Plan With Lyme

2-3 office visits and 1 exam
2-3 distemper vaccinations
2 Lyme vaccinations
1 rabies vaccination given after 16 weeks old
1 fecal check and deworming
1st month of Heartgard
1st month of
Frontline Plus
Basic Puppy Plan

What this plan includes:

2-3 office visits and 1 exam
2-3 distemper vaccinations
1 rabies vaccination given after 16 weeks old
1 fecal check and deworming
1st month of Heartgard
1st month of
Frontline Plus
How many visits and vaccinations you will receive with your puppy plan will depend on the age of your
puppy.  If your puppy is less then 12 weeks he/she will need to have their distemper vaccination
boostered one additional time.  There is no extra charge if your puppy falls in that age span.

The canine distemper vaccination protects your puppy against several canine diseases.  
Distemper is a highly contagious and often fatal virus that affects a dog’s respiratory, gastrointestinal, and
nervous systems. Hepatitis is a viral disease which affects the liver, kidneys, and cells lining the blood
vessels.  Leptospirosis is an extremely contagious bacterial disease.  Parvovirus is a common, deadly viral
infection, usually of puppies.  Parainfluenza is a virus that can be one of the causes of kennel cough.  
Coronavirus is a viral infection of the gastrointestinal tract. Protection for all these diseases is provided with
the distemper vaccination, which must be boostered to be effective. After the initial series of vaccinations this
shot is given once a year.

Rabies: Rabies is a fatal infection of the central nervous system.  Infection is usually transmitted through the
bite of an infected animal.  The first rabies vaccination given to your puppy is good for one year.  After one
year your pet will be given a rabies vaccination which is good for 3 years.

Deworming: On your first visit we will be sending home 1 dose of Pyrantel, which is a deworming
medication. You will give this dose to your puppy 2 weeks after your first visit.  This is actually the second
dose of deworming medication your puppy will receive.  The first is contained in the Heartgard given to you
on your first visit.  This medication will rid your puppy of several types of worms such as roundworm,
whipworm, & hookworm.    

Fecal: For your First visit we will ask you to bring a stool sample.  This will allow us to check for any worms
that may have escaped the prior deworming.

First Month of Heartgard: On your 1st visit we will also send home your puppy’s’ first dose of Heartgard.  
This chewable pill prevents Heartworm as well as providing your puppy’s first dose of deworming medication
for round worm, hook worm & whip worm.  We recommend you keep your dog on Heartgard May through

First Month of Frontline Plus: You will receive one dose of Frontline Plus on your first visit, which will
protect your pet against fleas for two months, and ticks for 1 month, as well as kill any existing fleas they may
have.  We recommend applying Frontline once every two months to your puppy to protect against flea
infestation.  Fleas are very costly and difficult to get rid of once you get them, which is why it is much easier
to have constant protection against infestation.

Lyme Vaccination: We highly recommend including Lyme vaccinations with your plan.  Lyme disease is a
tick born disease exhibiting itself as arthritis; severe pain and lameness, fever, lethargy, loss of appetite, and
depression.  Cases of Lyme disease in dogs have increased dramatically over the last few years.
Please contact the clinic for pricing and any questions
you may have regarding our Puppy Plans.
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