Dog Training: How it
benefits both of you!

Training your dog benefits not only you, but your pet as well.  They
want to please you, and are happiest when they know your happy
with them.  They can sense when your not pleased, and it confuses
them.  They do not understand what is wrong.  Training them to
exhibit behavior which pleases you will make your pet much happier
in the long run.

We at Cambridge VetCare recommend several dog trainers.  We
highly recommend participating in training your new puppy, or even
your older dog.  Click on the links below for more information
regarding each of our recommend trainers.
Every pet has behavior issues the owner would
like to live without.  Many people however, feel
the behavior is just too difficult to deal with.  In
most cases it's not.  With the correct tools and
information nearly every pet can be turned into a
perfect companion.
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Animal Clinic, PA
Cambridge, MN