Winter Weather & Your Pet
A well constructed dog house
will protect your pet from the
Eating snow will not keep your
pet adequately hydrated.
Winter in this region, as we all know, can get quite cold.  It is
important to keep our pets warm and out of the cold the best we

Start with a well constructed dog house.  The house should be
free of holes and drafts.  It should also be well insulated.  To
keep the wind from blowing in directly on your pet there should
be a wind break.  This is simply a piece of wood that goes from
the top to the bottom of the house and about 3/4 of the way
back.  This will make it so your pet has to go around the wind
break to lay down, thus keeping them out of the wind and much
warmer.  Next put a thick layer of hay or straw in the house so
your pet has something warm to snuggle up in.  

Another thing that often gets over looked in the winter is fresh,
unfrozen water.  Eating snow will not keep your pet adequately
hydrated.  The best way to keep water dishes free of ice is to
purchase a heated water bowl.  

Enjoy the up coming winter season by keeping you and your pet
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Animal Clinic, PA