During these clinics we are not able to treat sick animals.  If your animal is
sick please make an appointment to be seen by the doctor at a later time.
Wellness Exam....$
HW/Lyme test......$
Lyme vaccine.......$
Vaccination Clinic Prices:
What is a vaccination clinic?

A vaccination clinic is a service we provide the community where you may come into the clinic
for vaccinations and preventative care products for your dog or cat at discounted prices.

How long will the wait be?

Waiting will be short, since we are scheduling an appointment for your pet's vaccinations.

Why come to a vaccination clinic?

We discount our prices during this special event to make it as affordable as possible to help
people keep their pets healthy.

Should I schedule an appointment?

Yes. We are scheduling appointments to minimize your wait time.

Can I get an exam from the doctor during the vaccination clinic?

Yes. Wellness exams will be provided at a significant savings.  However,if your pet is
diagnosed with an illness at the time of the exam you will need to schedule an appointment
during regular business hours.  Then the doctor may spend the necessary time to treat the
problem appropriately.  A regular exam fee will be charged at the time of the scheduled
appointment, however the fee you paid at the vaccination clinic for the wellness exam will be
deducted from your bill.  You must schedule an appointment to have your pet seen within 15
days of the vaccination clinic and bring the exam sheet that was given to you to qualify for
this discount.  If your pet is ill, he/she may not be given the requested vaccinations at the
discretion of the doctor. The vaccinations may complicate the illness.  You will be refunded
immediately for any items you did not receive.

Why do I have to have an exam and a heartworm test in order to
purchase heartworm preventatives?

All heartworm preventatives are prescription medications.  Federal law dictates that we must
perform an exam before any prescription medications are dispensed.

What is included in a wellness exam?

A wellness exam is comprised of several different evaluations of your pet's health.  These
include the following: ears, eyes, heart, lungs, skin, teeth, hips, and knees.  Should any of
these appear abnormal, it will be noted in your pet's medical chart and you will be requested
to schedule an appointment during regular business hours to determine how to treat the
abnormality.  At the time of your appointment, the fee for the vaccination clinic wellness exam
will be deducted from your bill as long as the appointment is scheduled within 15 days of the

What forms of payment do you accept at the vaccination clinic?

We accept the following: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, cash, check.   Payment is due before
services are rendered. We do not offer payment plans.  We thank you for your understanding.

Can I have a prescription filled at the vaccination clinic?

No. The only prescription item we can fill during the vaccination clinic is Heartgard.  Due to
the fast pace we must keep at our vaccination clinics, our staff is unable to count out and fill
regular medications for your pets during the vaccination clinics.  If your pet is on regular
medications, you could call the prescription in before hand so we may have it ready for you
when you come in.

Can I have my pets nails trimmed or anal glands expressed at the
vaccination clinic?

No.  We are unable to provide these services during the vaccination clinic.
Frequently Asked Questions
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Feline Distemper.........$
Leukemia vaccine........$
Wellness Exam............$